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What's for brunch?

Monte Cristo Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs, Canadian ham, Swiss cheese, Egg nog soaked english muffins, Red pepper jelly.


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Kitchen Prep Guide

Recipe + Shopping List + Meal Prep

Drink Pairings: 
You’ll also receive a brunch cocktail recipe from Grassroots wine

After purchasing your ticket, you will receive a copy of Sarah's recipe and your “prep list” with instructions on what you'll need to buy and prep for class.

Our goal is to keep your shopping list under $30 (Dinner for 2).

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How it works

Fire up your laptop & strap on that apron!



It's easy.  If you're on this website - you probably have everything you need. All you need is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with sound, a built-in camera and wifi. 


Tickets are $25 to watch and participate in the LIVE group class. This class will be themed for a Holiday Brunch–a fun way to get your friends and family together for the holidays and experience something new!


You'll cook virtually with Chef Sarah Adams, like Facetime or Skype from your home kitchen! 1 hour later, you'll have made an epic meal. 

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Meet the Chef


Sarah Adams is a Charleston native and has been a presence in the food scene in the city for over sixteen years. She started honing her skills in hospitality front of house in high school and college in some of Charleston's most classic restaurants. After attending the College of Charleston, Sarah did the unexpected: she started working in the kitchen. After two years at Peninsula Grill, she walked through the doors at Fig where she worked her way from prep cook to sous chef over the course of her six year tenure. 

With the blessings of her James Beard award winning mentors, Sarah started to channel her energy into making a name for herself as a chef. With her creative take on pop ups and group dining as well as her ability to fill the void for a refined, freelance chef in the southern market, she has become a force to be reckoned with. 

Over the past three years Sarah has become known not only for her cuisine, but for her trend setting social media influence and philanthropy.